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Since going live in 44 countries across Europe in April 2016, Stratajet has enjoyed considerable success, seeing growth well ahead of targets in terms of bookings and seeing growth well ahead of targets. Flight bookings have increased by 190% since April and customer registrations now numbering over 4,750. What's more, in the short time since launching, Stratajet has generated an unprecedented four million accurate and immediately bookable private jet flight quotes, proving how effective the system can be at giving a wider range of travelers access to the private jet industry. The expansion into North America, follows a rigorous coast to coast tour coined 'Operation Mayflower' by Nicol due to his military background which involved him personally flying Stratajet's chieftain aircraft to meet and vet aircraft operators. With 500 aircraft currently on the system, Stratajet is now able to provide real-time, accurate prices and availability of private jets across the U.S., while Nicol and his team will continue to visit additional operators to further expand the service offering. StratajetFounder and CEO,JonnyNicol, said, "This is a very exciting time forStratajet, as we aim to remove the perception that private aviation is reserved exclusively for the rich and famous. Following the success of the platform in Europe, we know that theautomizationof this old-fashioned industry is paving the way for a wider audience to have access to private jet travel. As such, the launch of the platform into the U.S. market is a huge step in the direction of further eliminating the industry's inefficiency and wastage, thus improving profitability jet operator, lowering costs for passengers and making private aviation more widely available to the mainstream traveler." Further plans to grow the Stratajet platform include adding French and German-language websites for ease of

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access for European customers as well as expanding into the Middle East market. Stratajet App: Download the Stratajet iOS App here . About Stratajet: Stratajet is the world's first real-time private jet booking platform using the power of technology to give its passengers total control and freedom. By providing access to aircraft in this manner, Stratajet is helping to achieve increased revenue and efficiency for operators, whilst helping to bring down costs for the consumer.

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